EverCheck has developed a suite of features that we know are essential to streamlining a healthcare organizations' business process. Our web based software does the hard work so you don't have to.

We have chosen to stay focused on our expertise of primary source license verification of healthcare professional licenses, without over complicating the process with unneeded screens, reports, and interfaces.

License Verification Features Features Include

License Verification Features

Automatic Verification

Our system automatically verifies employee licenses everyday, running in the background without any action by the user. Give us a list of your licensed employees and we will take care of the rest. That's license verification simplified.

License Verification Features

Daily Alerts

You will rarely have to log in to our system to check up on your staff. We will keep your managers/supervisors informed with email notifications whenever something important occurs. If an employee's license status changes or when important license expiration dates approach, we will send prompt notifications.

License Verification Features

Status History

Each employee's license status is recorded and archived, providing an ongoing history to present to The Joint Commission surveyors. Simplified proof that you knew every employee was properly licensed while working. Stop printing screenshots. Stop worrying about Joint Commission surveys.

License Verification Features

Online Reports

Access our suite of reports 24/7 from any computer. The License Verification Report and Expiration Date Report break down your employees' license data at a glance so you can identify and take action on any licensure issues.

License Verification Features

Data Exports

Updating your system has been simplified with EverCheck! Export our licensing data seamlessly into your HR database and keep everyone informed.

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