We verify employee healthcare licenses everyday directly from the source and document results. Our reports are guaranteed to be accurate and easy-to-read.

License Verification Features

Primary Source

The Joint Commission allows third parties to collect credentialing information for healthcare employers. Thus EverCheck can be considered a Primary Source for license verification.

The Joint Commission Elements of Performance for HR.1.20 3 states:

An external organization (for example, a credentials verification organization [CVO]) may be used to collect credentials information.

Memo from The Joint Commission written to the VHA in October 2008:

Regarding the use of CE Broker for primary source verification, I am aware of this process and it is acceptable. I am actually in the process of writing something for the surveyors so that they understand that there does not need to be a piece of paper in each personnel file.

The Process

License Verification Features

The license verification process satisfies standards set by The Joint Commission as the license is verified with the primary source (state licensing bodies) and provides documentation in the form of a history trail that leads back to the primary source data. The primary source data available via the Internet routinely takes one of these two forms:

  1. A state data file that has been stored in the system in its original form
  2. One-by-one licensee website lookup results

This system continually performs license status verification without manual intervention yet proves the verification for each license was made from the original source and processed in a timely manner.

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