Seamless HRIS Integration

Whether you’re using a leading HRIS system or a home-grown solution, EverCheck is impartial. Our integration tools offer you a seamless transfer of data from our system to yours. It’s business as usual (or better!) for you.

HRIS Integration Makes Sense.
Here’s Why.

Your HRIS is always current with the most up-to-date license information.

Feel confident that the information in your HRIS is current and accurate. EverCheck retrieves data from the Primary Source and updates your employee license records within your HRIS every day. There’s no additional work required on your part.

Everything is under one roof.

Keeping up with multiple databases, spreadsheets, and applications can be inefficient. EverCheck produces a direct replica of its data and stores it within your HRIS, so you never question where to find your most valuable information - it’s right there in your HRIS where it belongs.

It’s an additional safety net for your organization.

If an employee is ineligible to work based on licensure status or expiration date, EverCheck relays that information to your HRIS. In turn, your timekeeping software prohibits them from clocking into work. Rest assured knowing unlicensed practitioners aren’t practicing unlawfully within your organization.

EverCheck gets what it needs, automatically.

Rather than having to manually submit an inventory of active employees, EverCheck securely gathers the information straight from your system. It’s an effective approach to license verification, and a hands-off approach for you.

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