Monitor Licenses and Credentials The Smart Way

EverCheck gives you full control over your verifications and requires much less work than the manual processes of the past. We make sure that you are always in-the-know regarding important changes that may affect an employee’s eligibility to work.

Automated License Verification

The process is simple - our software monitors the Primary Source every day, collects the information you need to stay compliant, and delivers important updates right to your inbox.


Take control of monitoring national certifications such as ARRT, ARDMS, AAMA, BRPT, and many more.

American Heart Association Cards

With a simple smartphone app, cardholders can easily upload their credentialing information furnished by AHA educators with a snap of their phone’s camera. All of this means less time collecting, scanning, uploading, and tracking for you.

Exclusions Monitoring

Don’t miss a beat when it comes to monitoring your employees against the OIG and SAM Exclusions databases. Automatically check all your employees against the List of Excluded Individuals/Entities monthly.

DEA Registrations

We monitor your physician’s authorized drug schedules and the states where they are eligible to prescribe medications. An added layer of protection for your organization, and peace of mind for you.

Manual Verifications

Some licensing authorities are still playing catch up to electronic databases. Until then, we have a solution that adds the human touch needed for Primary Source verification. An EverCheck specialist manually verifies licenses and incorporates the data into the reports you already receive. You’ll never know the difference.

DMV Records

Easily see who is clear to drive for your organization and who isn’t. We monitor DMV records and alert you of any infractions, suspensions, tickets, or elapsed expiration dates.

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