EverCheck & Earth: A Love Story

It's no secret that we have a crush on Mother Earth. And for as long as humans have existed, she has loved and nurtured us right back.

We're a company of avid hikers, climbers, runners, surfers, skiers, snowboarders, travelers, and adventurers. The great outdoors brings us joy, and we choose to protect that - not just for ourselves, but also for our kids, and for theirs.

Times are changing, though. Now, the consequences of human-induced climate change are imminent and the viability of future life on earth is in jeopardy. At EverCheck, we refuse to sit back and do nothing. We understand that the responsibility starts at the home front. If we want to keep Earth beautiful, livable, and our "forever home," we must contribute to the solution now.

Our Solution Is Good For The Environment

EverCheck offers a paperless solution to an industry that is otherwise burdened by substantial printing requirements. Because our clients no longer have to print every primary source verification they perform, we're able to save hundreds of trees every year.

We Offset The Energy We Consume

EverCheck operations require the use of energy. From our commutes to our server and offices, we offset the CO2 output from the energy requirements with RECs, or Renewable Energy Certificates.

Renewable energy is produced from any resource that can be naturally replenished, such as wind, solar, biomass, landfill gas, geothermal or small hydroelectric. These certificates ensure that renewable energy is added to the grid in equal parts to what we consume. Thus, demand for alternative energy sources is increased and our nation moves closer to a sustainable future.

We Partner With Some Of The Most Reputable Names In Environmental Sustainability.

We Walk the Talk

In 2016, we purchased roughly 386,000 KWH of renewable energy, which has an environmental impact similar to:

Growing 7,030 trees per year for 10 years.

Taking 57 cars off the road for 1 year.

Not using 628 barrels of oil.

Because the day to day is just as important...

We Clean Green

We only use cleaning products and insecticides with non-toxic, environmentally safe ingredients in our offices.

We Market Responsibly

We only purchase eco-friendly promo items and we don't print unless absolutely necessary.

We Work Smart

We often collaborate remotely, and we use technology to stay connected and reduce gas required for travel.

We Pay It Forward

We work with Clean Green Earth! to clean up our local beaches and the Feeding Northeast Florida food bank to distribute food to the needy that would have otherwise been destined for the landfill.

We Think Local

We partner with a local produce company in Jacksonville, Florida to offer fresh, organic produce and juices to our staff.

We Move Mechanically

EverCheck beach cruisers abound in the Jacksonville Beach office so staff can easily get around without needing their vehicles.

“And as global citizens, we must take care of the great resources we have been given, leaving the planet in a better place than we found it.”

- Brian Solano, CEO & Founder of EverCheck

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